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Hebden Bridge Lip Filler

Of all the filler treatments requested for our mobile practice in Hebden Bridge, lip filler be it Lip Volumization or Lip Rejuvenation, is one of the most popular.

Your Lips, Your Say

Lip size comes down to personal choice and preference. What one person may find “too big”, another client may find “too small”. Most importantly, Lucy will listen to what you have to say and help you achieve the look that you want.

Lip Volumization or Lip Rejuvenation?

Typically, younger clients opt for a fuller more exotic pout. This is achieved using a Volumizing dermal filler. More mature clients chose lip rejuvenation. This is achieved using a more natural dermal filler such as Belotero Balance.

Hebden Bridge Lip Filler: Lip Volume

Hertfordshire lip enhancement 1

With lip volumizing, Belotero Volume is placed to enhance the volume of the lip, creating fullness. The key to filling lips is to be aware of the smaller subunits or zones within the body of the lip which require improvement.  As opposed to the poor technique of “filling like a sausage”.
Using Belotero Volume increases swelling from seven to 14 days. It is not suitable for first time clients as it gives a very marked enhancement. Most clients find this dermal filler lasts up to at least six months

Hebden Bridge Lip Filler: Lip Rejuvenation

Hertfordshire lip enhancement 2

With lip rejuvenation Belotero Balance is used to subtly plump ageing lips.  The outline of the lips can be improved and any fine vertical peri-oral lines running down onto the lips can be smoothed out using a “blanching” technique. This technique deposits tiny beads of dermal filler under the wrinkle achieving a natural enhancement.

Hebden Bridge Lip Filler: Before & After Pictures

Lip Volumization

Here are a selection of recent before and after pictures from my Instagram feed featuring Hebden Bridge lip filler treatments. Be sure to follow me to see my very latest treatments.

Lip Rejuvenation

Here are a selection of before and after pictures from my Hebden Bridge lip filler treatments. There has been no doctoring or editing of these pictures other than to protect the privacy of the client.

All of these treatments were performed using 1ml of filler.

Manchester Lip Filler
Manchester Lip Filler
Manchester Lip Filler
Manchester Lip Filler

Botox Injections

Hebden Bridge Botox 1 Mobile Botox Anti Wrinkle Injections. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The world's most popular treatment.

Lip Enhancement

Hebden Bridge Botox 2Mobile Lip Enhancement with dermal filler for fuller, more sensuous shapely lips

Cheek Enhancement

Hebden Bridge Botox 3Mobile Cheek Enhancement to add definition, contour and shape to the cheek area.

Lucy is an official practitioner for Belotero.
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Manchester Lip Filler



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Manchester Lip Filler